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Concentration 15 mg per mL
Size 450 mg / 30 mL
Stability Room Temperature
Physical Appearance Clear Liquid
Molecular Formula C16H14ClF3N2O
LC-MS & HPLC 99% Purity

About LGD-3033

The LGD 3033 compound is an artificially developed Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) meant to be an alternative treatment to osteoporosis. The SARM compound is associated with crucial health benefits like increasing strength, muscle maintenance, and muscle growth. This detailed guide looks at the health benefits, dosage and possible side effects of LGD 3033.

What Is LGD 3033

LGD 3033 is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). SARM are compounds which are artificially developed to fight various diseases. The LGD 3033 SARM is a new compound developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and is still in the investigational drug category. Nevertheless, it has been associated with osteoporosis treatment, increased strength, muscle maintenance, and growth.

Androgens play a crucial role in reproduction, libido increment and sexual dimorphism in women and men. Their use is widely limited because of the potential side effects they cause to overall human health. In women, they can cause virilization problems, while in men, they can cause prostate problems. LGD 3033, on the other hand, reduces prostate activity, reaching the pharmacological plateau without affecting the prostate weight values.

How Does The LGD 3033 Compound Work?

LGD 3033 belongs to the SARM family and it’s more effective than the nonselective androgens. Hence doctors can use them in treating various medical conditions. Because they selectively bind to the androgen receptors. The selective androgen receptor modulators can maintain the treatment’s positive attributes and effects while substantially reducing risk factors or potential side effects. The LGD 3033 compound enhances nitrogen retention, which promotes water retention in the body. Body water retention enhances muscle growth and gives the muscles a fuller look. While for other SARM products, you have to wait a few months to see the results, with LGD 3033, the results are visible within days.

LGD 3033 Benefits

LGD 3033 has been associated with many benefits. Let’s look closely and more closely at the health benefits of using LGD 3033.

Increase in Strength and Muscle Mass Growth

LGD 3033 is one of athletes’ most popular selective androgen receptor modulators. The SARM compound explicitly targets the androgen receptors (AR) in the muscles triggering enhanced muscle growth after working out. Androgen receptors are specific nuclear receptors activated by the binding process of the androgen receptors at the binding site. The message from the binding process is translocated to the nucleus through the cytoplasm. The AR also functions as a target for specific medications while serving as the binding spot for the LGD 3033 compound. The result is the message being sent to the nucleus and body and translates to enhanced muscle tissue growth.

LGD 3033 has the same effects on the body’s muscle tissues as those of steroids, minus the side effects associated with anabolic steroids. While steroids affect muscle tissue and other androgenic organs, LGD 3033 is selective. Thus only affecting the muscle tissues while having minimal effects on the other androgenic organs. Research studies confirm that LGD 3033 can reach the pharmacological plateau with zero effect on prostate weight. The compound has also been reported to give muscles a much fuller look thanks to its water retention capabilities.

Fat Loss Enhancement

When ingested, LGD 3033 increases the body’s metabolism, which triggers a speedier breakdown of molecules and produces body energy. The increased metabolism causes the fat cells in the body to be burned down much faster, which is very useful for athletes in their cutting or shredding phase. Therefore, LGD 3033 concurrently achieves maximum fat-burning capability and effective muscle growth, making it an effective compound for athletes looking to gain lean muscle mass and lose body fat simultaneously.

Increased Bone Density

A recent study on a controlled population of rats showed that LGD 3033 could significantly affect bone density. These findings suggest that people with osteoporosis could greatly benefit from including LGD 3033 in their treatment therapies. The SARM compound can reduce the risk of patients suffering from fractures.


LGD 3033 Side Effects

One must identify and understand the various side effects associated with any medication. There have been minimal side effects which have been reported that are associated with LGD 3033. Possible side effects that one can experience when using the LGD 3033 include the following:

Instability Caused By Shorter Half-Life

LGD 3033 has a half-life of approximately six hours, which makes the dosage of the SARM to be slightly more complicated than other SARM compounds. Most selective androgen receptor modulators have a half-life of more than 22 hours, making it easy to divide the sage into daily cycles. When there is no effective dosage of a SARM compound, it leads to instability of the compound in the bloodstream. Failure to take the LGD 3033 at least three times a day causes the compound’s instability.

Increase in Blood Pressure

Individuals with a higher risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases are advised to consider developing high blood pressure complications when using LGD 3033. LGD 3033 has been assorted with an increase in blood pressure. Hence, athletes in a risk group should seek medical consultation before using the selective androgen receptor modulator.

Increase Body Temperature

Besides increased blood pressure, individuals reported increased body temperature during their LGD 3033 cycle. Most of them reported the side effect at the beginning of the cycle and significantly reduced to normal levels as they continued with their cycle.

Possible Cholesterol Increase

While the increase in cholesterol is a possible risk with using LGD 3033, athletes in the risk group of cardiovascular diseases need to consult a doctor before using the SARM compound.

Possible Transient Testosterone Levels Imbalance

LGD 3033 has been suspected to affect the body’s levels of naturally produced testosterone. Athletes who use the compound are advised to undergo Post cycle therapy (PCT) after completing their LGD 3033 cycle. The PCT will allow the body to restore the naturally occurring testosterone hormones to normal levels. Even though the body can restore normal hormonal values, the process takes longer and using a PCT hastens the process.

Keeping the testosterone hormone at normal levels is essential because the hormone affects sex drive and libido. Possible changes in the levels of the hormone can affect one’s sexual performance in male athletes.

Even though LGD 3033 has its downside, it has plenty of benefits, especially for athletes who want to gain lean muscle and lose body fat simultaneously. One of the significant challenges of this SARM compound is its short life, meaning it has to be taken at least three times daily. More studies on the SARM compound will likely reveal ways of eliminating the possible side effects associated with the compound.

The LGD 3033 is a potent SARM compound for individuals who want to lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass. However, it would be best to watch out for possible side effects.

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