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Physical Appearance Fine White Lyophilized Powder
Residue Sequence Tyr-Leu-Arg-Ile-Val-Gln-Cys-Arg-Ser-Val-Glu-Gly-Ser-Cys-Gly-Phe
Solubility 100 ug/mL sterile diluent (distilled de-ionized water)
Purity >99%
Stability Lyophilized protein is to be stored at -20°C. It is recommended to aliquot the reconstituted (dissolved) protein into several discrete vials in order to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Reconstituted protein can be stored at 4°C.

About GDF-8

Scientists continue to study treatment options and methods which can be used to enhance muscle and bone growth and repair. We are frequently exposed to harsh conditions, which can cause accidents and injuries to our bodies. Unfortunately, our immune system might not function optimally, enabling speedier muscle recovery and healing. The GDF-8 (propeptide-Fc) is a synthetic research compound that inhibits myostatin, affecting muscle growth and wound healing. How can GDF-8 help in enhancing muscle growth and repair?

GDF-8 M myostatin

The GDF-8 (propeptide-Fc) doesn’t occur naturally in the body but, when administered, helps in triggering development and growth in the muscles. The natural occurring myostatin inhibits muscle development and growth by negatively affecting the muscle formation process (myogenesis). Scientists and researchers have been looking for ways to develop a recombinant myostatin propeptide that will enhance the healing process, muscle growth and repair.

The functionality of the myostatin propeptide

The myostatin propeptide works by blocking the active myostatin, which is made by a recombinant. Hence it can improve bone and muscle regeneration. The myostatin inhibitors also enhance the wound-repairing process in instances where the muscle and bones have suffered from deep penetrant injuries.

Myostatin results

Losing motor skills is one of the side effects of aging. Loss of motor skills makes one susceptible to frequent accidents caused by mobility issues, increasing the overall cost of treating bone injuries and fractures. The primary challenge patients face during the bone and muscle healing process is the required time for one to undergo a complete healing process and resume the complete functionality of their body. Researchers have discovered that recombinant myostatin propeptide accelerates muscle and wound healing. The peptide can be very useful, especially for the elderly and athletes more prone to injuries.

Past studies have revealed that a lack of myostatin in the body enabled impressive muscle growth and development in animals and humans. When there is a lack of myostatin in the bones, the bones experience increased mineral density and increase the organism’s calcium levels. Calcium is one of the essential minerals in the body; it is stored in the bones and helps in the healthy functionality of body organs like the heart, nerves and muscles. It also helps in blood clotting.

While administering recombinant myostatin propeptide, researchers observed that the injured area experienced abundant collagen-rich fibrous tissue. Thus improving the body’s regenerative capacity. Myostatin deficiency in the body increases the formation of bone tissues (osteogenic potential). Some studies have suggested that the stem cell’s healing process originates from the bone marrow with an auto-regeneration capacity. The use of GDF-8 to block myostatin can enhance the whole process.

Proper Dosage

The proper dosage of GDF-8 (propeptide-Fc) for humans is unknown, but the research compound has been used in mice. At a dosage of 250mcg, used every five days for 25 days, the mice experienced optimal muscle growth and development. During the administration process of the GDF-8 (propeptide-Fc), soreness and redness were observed on the test subjects, suggesting the presence of welt developments. But you can avoid this by using the sub q.

Myostatin inhibitors have proven to be instrumental in muscular dystrophy treatment as an effective way of triggering faster muscle regeneration. The GDF-8 (propeptide-Fc) enhances muscle regeneration, decreases fibrosis in muscle healing and increases myofiber hypertrophy. Even though the synthetic peptide has no human research studies or trials, the clinical studies on the peptide involved rats and proved very successful.

Using the GDF-8 (propeptide-Fc) in myostatin inhibition treatment can be the best treatment for faster muscle recovery and growth, mainly affecting older adults and athletes. The treatment can enhance myofiber hypertrophy and muscle regeneration while decreasing fibrosis.

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