THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED AS A RESEARCH CHEMICAL ONLY. This designation allows the use of research chemicals strictly for in vitro testing and laboratory experimentation only. All product information available on this website is for educational purposes only. Bodily introduction of any kind into humans or animals is strictly forbidden by law. This product should on be handled by licensed, qualified professionals.

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Concentration 30 mg per mL
Size 900 mg / 30 mL
Stability Room Temperature
Physical Appearance Clear Liquid
Molecular Formula C21H17F4NO3S2
LC-MS & HPLC 99% Purity

About GW-0742

The GW-0742 is a synthetic SARM developed to handle Stenabolic’s poor bioavailability and is categorized as a better version of the GW50156 (Cardarine). Some people have even described the peptide as 200 times more effective than GW50156 (Cardarine).

What Is GW0742

The GW-0742 is an artificial monocarboxylic acid and falls in the same category as Cardarine. They both belong in the PPAR delta agonist’s class. Rumors have it that the SARM was developed because GlaxoSmithKline wanted to extend their patent on Cardarine. When you compare the chemical structure of Cardarine and GW-0742, you will notice a minimal difference of one atom between the two synthetic compounds. Due to their intense similarity, the GW-0742 SARM will likely have the same effects as Cardarine.

Chemical Structure of GW-0742

  • Molecular Formula: C21H17F4NO3S2
  • Compound summary: {4-[({2-[3-Fluoro-4-(Trifluoromethyl) phenyl]-4-Methyl-1, 3-Thiazol-5-Yl} methyl) sulfanyl]-2-Methylphenoxy} acetic Acid
  • Synonyms: GW0742, 317318-84-6, GW 0742, GW-0742, GW610742
  • Molecular Weight: 471.5

How Does GW-0742 Work

The functionality of the GW-0742si is similar to that of the PPAR delta agonist, with two main primary functions improving the muscles’ oxidative capacity and converting fat into an energy source. Hence it should be a promising compound for enhancing endurance in athletes. Unfortunately, no research studies can confirm the connection between GW-0742 and increasing endurance. On the other hand, artificial monocarboxylic acid is known to improve insulin sensitivity lowering the risk of contracting type II diabetes. The theory has been confirmed by various research studies that used mice as test subjects. Even though there are no human trials and studies regarding the use of GW-0742, there is hope that there will be future human research studies.

GW0742 Legal Status

Even though there are no human research studies on the consumption of GW0742, the compound isn’t illegal. Unlike Cardarine, which has been categorized as a Schedule 9 compound, the GW-0742 doesn’t have any separate listing. Most companies have labeled it as a research chemical, only purchased for research and educational purposes.

GW0742 Benefits

Several research studies have revealed that the GW-0742 research compound has various benefits. Below are some of the expected benefits of using the GW-0742:

  • Lowers total cholesterol: a research study on rats revealed that GW0742 could reverse cholesterol transportation. The cholesterol will then be moved to the gastrointestinal tract, and it is excreted out.
  • Reduces gut inflammation: many people suffer from gut inflammation, and reducing the condition will benefit them. According to previous research studies, GW-0742 can be used to trigger reduced gut inflammation when ingested.
  • Improves lipid profile: GW-0742 has the same properties as Cardarine, and when administered in small doses, it enhances the heart’s lipid metabolism.

GW0742 Dosage, Half-Life and Cycle Length

The recommended dosage for the GW-0742 is 5 to 30mg/kg. However, there are no research studies to back up the recommended dosage. If you are considering purchasing the research compound, you must make inquiries with your doctor. While there’s no confirmation on the half-life of GW-0742, it’s estimated to have the same half-life of 24 hours as Cardarine.

One of the notable side effects of the compound is its ability to increase the heart’s size, which is done through calcineurin activation. During a research study involving mice, it was discovered the mice developed increased heart size in just 24 hours after ingestion of the compound. Even though no other side effects have been reported and no research studies on humans, it’s hard to confirm if one will observe the same side effects in humans.

There’s very little research backing the suspected benefits of GW-0742 and its possible side effects. Nevertheless, the compound has plenty of potential as a research compound. However, it’s best to avoid human consumption until more research studies are done on the compound. Meanwhile, a good alternative would be Cardarine which has more than ten years of research studies and findings.

Even though GW-0742 is a promising research compound, limited research studies focus on the benefits and possible side effects of the compound. The best move would be to look for more studies about the compound.

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