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Concentration 30 mg per mL
Size 900 mg / 30 mL
Stability Room Temperature
Physical Appearance Clear Liquid
Molecular Formula C20H24ClN3O4S
LC-MS & HPLC 99% Purity

About SR-9009

SR 9009 Stenabolic is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). SARMs are therapeutic compounds with similar anabolic effects as anabolic steroids but don’t trigger the same side effects associated with the steroids. The compound was developed initially as a viable product in aiding circadian rhythm. Over the years, the compound has gained more attention in recreational use and has caught the attention of researchers and doctors in the medical world. SR 9009 Stenabolic increases lean muscle mass while reducing overall body fat. The guide looks at the proper usage, effects, and possible side effects associated with SR 9009 Stenabolic.

What is SR 9009 Stenabolic?

SR 9009 Stenabolic is one of the market’s most potent selective androgen receptor modulators, which are used recreationally to achieve impressive lean muscle growth. Despite being developed in 2012, and being family new in the market, its recreational use among individuals continues to grow in popularity. Many scientific studies back up the fantastic muscle gain and fat loss benefit the selective androgen receptor modulator can cause. Additional health benefits associated with SR 9009 Stenabolic include decreased anxiety and improved cholesterol levels in the blood.

The development of SR 9009 Stenabolic is credited to Professor Thomas Burris of the Californian Scripps Research Institute. Burris created the SARM compound intending to investigate the effects of SR 9009 Stenabolic on circadian rhythm. His findings revealed that the compound affected the REV-ERB that consists of NR1D1 and NR1D2. The REV-ERB is a component of the REV-ErbA, a nuclear receptor family commonly found in the liver, muscle, and fat.

The primary function of the REV-ERB receptors is transcriptional repression. They effectively bind to the specific locations in your DNA, thus preventing the transcription of the genes near the location.

Chemical Structure of SR 9009 Stenabolic

  • Application: Activation of the REV-ERB receptors
  • Molecular Weight: 437.94 g/mol
  • Chemical Formula: C20H24ClN3O4S
  • Chemical Name: Ethyl 3-[[(4-chlorophenyl) methyl-[(5-nitrothiophen-2-yl) methyl] amino] methyl] pyrrolidine-1-carboxylate
  • Synonyms: SR9009, 1379686-30-2, SR-9009, SR 9009, Stenabolic (SR9009)
  • Solubility: Soluble to ethanol at a rate of 14mg/ml

Benefits of the SR 9009 Stenabolic Compound

Many health benefits are associated with the SR 9009 Stenabolic SARM compound. Most of these benefits have been discovered through animal testing. Researchers are still investigating the compound to discover any additional health benefits which can be achieved using SR 9009 Stenabolic. Even though the compound isn’t approved by FDA and falls in the category of research chemicals, its recreational use among people is very prevalent. Individuals who have used the compound have reported the following critical health and muscle buidling benefits:

  • Improved energy levels and endurance during resistance training.
  • Decreased body fat
  • Substantially decreased lipid storage in the body
  • Increased the growth of lean muscle mass.

Scientific studies on animals have also revealed the potential health benefits which users can derive from the SR 9009 Stenabolic compound:

  • Weight loss
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Effective regulation of cholesterol levels in the blood
  • Decreasing inflammation

Side Effects of SR 9009 Stenabolic

SR 9009 Stenabolic is a SARM compound. Hence it can trigger the benefits associated with anabolic steroids. However, it doesn’t cause the side effects associated with anabolic steroids. There are currently no reported or specific side effects associated with SR 9009 Stenabolic, but users should watch out for any side effects linked with SARM compounds. Side effects are frequently triggered with high doses. Sticking to the recommended doses will reduce your risk of experiencing any side effects. Additionally, starting with smaller doses will give your body time to adjust to the compound, then you can increase the doses as you continue with your SR 9009 Stenabolic cycle. Common side effects reported from using SARM compounds include headache, back pain, nausea, and fatigue.

Correct Dosage of SR 9009 Stenabolic

Overdosing is very common among individuals who use fitness supplements and steroids. The myth behind overdosing is that it will trigger faster and more profound results. Instead, it ends up causing more severe damage to the body organs of the user. Using the proper dosage of SR 9009 Stenabolic will ensure you reap the best results from the compound without putting your health at risk.

The SR 9009 Stenabolic cycle lasts eight weeks, whether using it alone or stacking it with other compounds. You can also go for the two weeks PCT regime at the end of the cycle. The starting dosage of SR 9009 Stenabolic will be 10mg daily and last for the first two weeks. After the two weeks, you can slowly increase the dose, but make sure you only hit the all-time high dose limit of 20 to 30mg in the sixth week. You will then stick to the maximum limit of the compound until you finish your cycle. The dosing strategy gives the body ample time to adapt to the compound.

Stacking with SR 9009

Stacking is one of the most common practices among fitness enthusiasts and individuals looking to gain lean muscle mass while losing body fat simultaneously. It involves using two or more supplements or compounds during a cycle to achieve a specific fitness or lean muscle gain goals. The compounds used in stacking vary depending on which stage or goal the user wants to attain. Stacking can be done with supplements, SARMs, and other research compounds.

There are several stacking combinations when it comes to SR 9009 Stenabolic, and they vary depending on an individual’s fitness goals. SR 9009 Stenabolic can be used in the shredding and bulking stages due to its fat loss and lean muscle gain capability. Below are popular stack combinations of SR 9009 Stenabolic, which you can consider based on your fitness goals:

SR 9009, RAD 140 and LGD 4033

The SR 9009, RAD 140, and LGD 4033 stack combinations have an eight weeks cycle. While most SARM stack combinations don’t need a PCT at the end of the cycle, going for a PCT regime is highly encouraged. When using this stack combination, starting with lower doses of the SARM compounds in the first few weeks is best, and increasing the daily doses with time. One should also refrain from continuing the cycle past the recommended eight weeks. Below is a clear guideline on the recommended dosage of the SR 9009, RAD 140, and LGD 4033 compounds during the cycle:

  • SR 9009 (Daily dosage): First 2 Weeks – 10mg, then increased slowly to 20mg on the sixth week. Maintain the maximum dosage till the end of the cycle.
  • RAD 140 (Daily Dosage): starting with 10mg in the first two weeks, then increasing to a maximum of 20mg in the sixth week. Maintain the 20 mg daily dosage until the eighth week.
  • LGD 4033 (Daily Dosage): start with a daily dosage of 2.5mg for the first two weeks, then slowly increase to a maximum of 5mg in the sixth week until you finish the cycle.

When you complete the cycle, it’s recommended that the user should undergo a PCT regime two weeks after ending their cycle.

SR 9009 and S4 Andarine

The SR 9009 and S4 Andarine stack combination is the best for the shredding stage. Even though athletes are not required to take PCT after completing this stack, the PCT regime is still recommended. PCT will be very beneficial in helping the body retain the gains it gained during the SR 9009 + S4 Andarine cycle. The SR 9009 + S4 Andarine cycle lasts eight weeks, followed by a two week PCT regime. It would be best if you started the PCT immediately after completing the cycle. Like any other stack combinations, you should start with lower doses and increase the doses with time. Below is a simplified guide on the correct daily dosage:

  • SR 9009 (daily dosage): start with a 10mg dose in the first two weeks. Increase the doses slowly until you reach a maximum daily dosage of 20mg in the sixth week. Maintain the 20mg dosage till the cycle ends.
  • S4 Andarine (daily dosage): the starting daily dosage is 25mg, maintained for the first two weeks. You can increase the doses slowly until you reach an all-time high of 50mg in the sixth week. You will maintain the daily dosage of 50mg until week eight.

The PCT cycle will last two weeks.

The SR 9009 Stenabolic is one of the best SARM compounds for shredding and bulking. Its versatility has made it very popular among individuals struggling with losing body fat and gaining lean muscle mass, even though it’s a reasonably new SARM compound. It can effectively trigger the anabolic benefits like anabolic steroids without causing the side effects associated with the latter. Even though it’s not FDA-approved, it is classified as a research chemical. Stacking it with other supplements and research compounds increases the chance of reaping benefits from all the compounds during your cycle. Taking dosage precautions during your SR 9009 Stenabolic cycle will reduce the risk of experiencing any adverse side effects.

The SR 9009 Stenabolic compound could be your stepping stone to attaining your fitness goal as an individual. The research chemical has plenty of muscle gain and fat loss benefits when used correctly.

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