THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED AS A RESEARCH CHEMICAL ONLY. This designation allows the use of research chemicals strictly for in vitro testing and laboratory experimentation only. All product information available on this website is for educational purposes only. Bodily introduction of any kind into humans or animals is strictly forbidden by law. This product should on be handled by licensed, qualified professionals.

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Concentration 30 mg per mL
Size 900 mg / 30 mL
Stability Room Temperature
Physical Appearance Clear Liquid
Molecular Formula C27H20ClN5O3
LC-MS & HPLC 99% Purity

About RAD-150

RAD-150 is a selective androgen receptor modulator compound with a similar structure to RAD-140. The selective androgen receptor modulators come with plenty of benefits to fitness enthusiasts because of their selective binding capabilities. When you administer, RAD-150 users experience increased muscle hypertrophy, which is also experienced when lifting weights. Despite being a new selective androgen receptor modulator, the compound has attracted much attention in the fitenss industry. It has a very high ability to mimic the functionality of the body’s testosterone compared to the non-esterified SARMs.

What is RAD-150

RAD-150 is a new selective androgen receptor modulator with a similar structure as the RAD-140, which is its parent compound. It’s also known as RAD 140 ester and TLB 150. The compound is referred to as an anabolic ester because it undergoes an esterification reaction during chemical synthesis. During the esterification reaction, ester groups are chemically attached to the carbon-based molecule. The process has been prevalent among synthetic chemical chemists when developing artificial androgens. Apart from that, the esterification process helps in stabilizing and enhancing the androgen’s bioavailability.

The RAD-150 compound has a 10-times more half-life than most SARMs, hence allowing for a decrease in frequency and quantity of dosage by users. You also get an enhanced immune response when you use RAD-140. Many suspected health benefits are associated with RAD-150, but the most common benefit of using this selective androgen receptor modulator is stabilizing testosterone levels. Due to the esterification process, the RAD-150 compound is more potent than the other selective androgen receptor modulators.

Since it selectively binds to specific androgen receptors, it has zero effect on other vital organs in the body. Scientific evidence confirms that RAD-150 causes zero toxicity and affects the major organs like the liver, brain, rostrate, and kidneys. Apart from that, the compounds mimic the functionality of the natural testosterone, which triggers a chain of key benefits which are usually attractive to fitness gurus. Some benefits associated with RAD-150 include increased lean muscle mass growth, performance, endurance, and strength.

Chemical Structure of RAD-150

  • Molecular Formula: C₁₆H₂₅ClN₂O
  • Molecular Weight: 296.83 g·mol−1

RAD 150 Vs. RAD 140

RAD 140 is the parent molecule of RAD 150. It first emerged as a safer and more potent option for testosterone replacement therapy. RAD 140 and RAD 150 have the same structure despite having two different names. The only key difference is that the RAD 150 selective androgen receptor modulator is an anabolic ester. Its structure also contains an extra set of benzoate esters and increased alkalinity, which causes the compound to have more stability. RAD 150 has more similarities to naturally produced testosterone. Hence it easily binds itself to the androgen receptors. One of the best features of RAD 150 is its anabolic ester nature, which allows it to last in the bloodstream longer, work more effectively, and be more potent than most selective androgen receptor modulators in the market.

Anabolic compounds have increased bioavailability and are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. They also have a prolonged half-life, meaning the body takes time to eliminate compound components from the bloodstream. RAD 150 exhibits these traits and can stay in the bloodstream for a minimum of 48 hours.

Cycle and Stacking

The stacking of selective androgen receptor modulators is very common among fitness enthusiasts. You can use the RAD 150 selective androgen receptor modulator with other supplements, SARMs, and research chemicals to attain your fitness goals. RAD 150 and RAD 140 can be stacked together. RAD 150 can be used in shredding and bulking because it triggers lean muscle growth and increases strength and endurance. When selective androgen receptor modulators are combined with growth hormones, there is increased maximization of their actions.

The recommended RAD 150 cycle is eight weeks. Sticking to the recommended cycle and dosage will ensure minimal side effects and gains are retained at the end of the cycle. Users are advised to take necessary precautions during their RAD 150 cycle; if they experience any side effects, they should lower the dosage or stop using the compound.

The other key in using RAD 150 is making sure you purchase only high-quality SARM compounds. Many dealers are selling low-quality SARM compounds that won’t trigger the expected results or even cause adverse side effects. Purchase your RAD 150 compound from a trusted SARM retailer with third-party testers confirming the compounds’ quality and supplements.

RAD 140 is an ester SARM compound, meaning it’s more potent than most SARM compounds. Its extended half-life can stay in the bloodstream longer, and users can use it sparingly. Even though the compound is still categorized as a research chemical, it has plenty of benefits for fitness enthusiasts and individuals struggling with lean muscle gains. It mimics the functionality of the body’s testosterone, thus increasing the growth of lean muscle mass and endurance which is vital during workout sessions and resistance training. There are still ongoing research studies focusing on discovering additional health benefits that researchers and scientists can derive from the compound. Even though RAD 150 isn’t approved by the FDA and is solely for research purposes, some individuals are using it to attain their fitness goals.   

RAD 150 can help you achieve your muscle-building goals quickly. You can also stack it with other SARMs, research chemicals, and supplements to increase its efficiency and performance.

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